Doug Marrone Doesn't Handle Jet Lag Well At All

Liam McKeone
New York Jets v Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Jets v Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Jaguars have long been the NFL's go-to team to send across the pond for games in London. This Sunday will mark the sixth consecutive season Jacksonville will fly across the Atlantic to take on a team at Wembley Stadium.

Doug Marrone has been the coach of the Jaguars since 2017, and was an assistant the two years leading up to his hire as HC, so in total he's traveled to London three times already for a game, and this week will mark his fourth trip. When asked how he handles the travel, he went into some detail, and the main takeaway is that he really can't deal with jet lag.

You good, Doug? Feeling bad and wanting to throw up can be standard symptoms of jet lag, but the rest seems indicative of larger problems here.

Thoughts and prayers, as they say, for Marrone as he goes through this trying time over the weekend.