Doug Gottlieb Said George Kittle is a Bad Blocker And Boy Was He Wrong

Brian Giuffra
George Kittle Blocking Chuck Clark.
George Kittle Blocking Chuck Clark. / Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Doug Gottlieb is a basketball guy, having led the nation in assists as a senior at Oklahoma State and then making a name for himself in broadcasting discussing the CBB at ESPN, CBS, and now FOX.

Turns out his depth of knowledge when it comes to football isn't as great.

During an appearance on The Herd, Gottlieb discussed 49ers tight end George Kittle. While he appropriately called Kittle an unbelievable talent, he put his foot in his mouth when he said he wasn't a great blocker.

Beyond those highlights from last week's slugfest against the Ravens, where Kittle did some solid run blocking, Kittle was the No. 4 graded run blocker by PFF in 2018. The other four (Trey Burton, James O'Shaughnessy, Jack Doyle and Dallas Goedert) are all block-first tight ends.

People make mistakes all the time. Not gonna harp on Gottlieb for making this one. But maybe next time do some research before making a mistake this obvious.