Doug Gottlieb Apologizes For False Report About Freddie Freeman Contract Negotiations With Braves

Liam McKeone
Freddie Freeman and Brian Snitker
Freddie Freeman and Brian Snitker / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

A few months ago, Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb stirred up controversy with an alleged insider report about Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Freddie Freeman. After Freeman returned to Atlanta for the first time wearing a different uniform and promptly parted ways with his agent, Casey Close, there were rumors abound about how Freeman's negotiations with the Braves went down. Gottlieb threw his hat in the ring and claimed Close never informed Freeman of Atlanta's final offer.

Close and the agency that employs him did not take the report well. Hours after Gottlieb put that information into the Twitterverse, Close announced he would be looking into taking legal action against the host. It only took a few weeks for Close to stay true to his word, and he filed a libel lawsuit against Gottlieb in July.

About a month and a half later, the matter is settled. And court was not needed. Gottlieb released a statement today apologizing for the false report, saying he simply got it wrong.

Close released a statement of his own acknowledging Gottlieb's retraction and stating the matter was closed.

What an interesting case study in the realm of alleged "insider reports" and the consequences of throwing stuff out there.