Doug Glanville, Dallas Braden, and Raúl Ibañez Out at ESPN


Doug Glanville, Dallas Braden, and Raúl Ibañez are all among the cuts at ESPN. While none of the three has commented publicly (Braden ominously shared a famous scene from Half Baked), Buster Olney mentioned their names in his goodbyes at the beginning of today’s Baseball Tonight podcast. Olney also gave shoutouts to Jayson Stark, and the writers Doug Padilla and Jim Caple.

Glanville had been at ESPN since 2010, Braden since 2014, and Ibañez just since shortly after the start of this season.

While cuts have had effects everywhere in ESPN’s digital and broadcasting operations, it is very clear that they have especially impacted baseball. In related news, the network announced today that they will be airing a simulcast of MLB Network’s Intentional Talk.

We continue to give our best wishes to everybody who has been affected by ESPN’s restructuring, and hope they land on their feet.

The NBA hits keep coming, too. In addition to Marc Stein, Chad Ford has been let go.


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