Doug Edert Doubles Down on Claims He's Never Eaten a Sandwich

St Peters v Kentucky
St Peters v Kentucky / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

Doug Edert and the Saint Peter's Peacocks take on the North Carolina Tar Heels today in the Elite Eight. The team that wins gets to play Duke in the Final Four and more importantly, gets a full week of media coverage. With that in mind, here's hoping Saint Peter's wins so we get a few more days of Doug Edert.

The rumors that Edert had never eaten a sandwich surfaced last week. It's the exact kind of story that you want from a Cindarella team because it is weird and harmless. Leave it to a college kid from New Jersey to outweird Tom Brady, who once claimed to have never consumed a strawberry.

Edert has already captured a Buffalo Wild Wings endoresment, so who knows what sandwich chain will step up and get him to try something new if the Peacocks can earn that date with Coach K.