Donald Trump Wants to Know if You Remember 'The Apprentice'

Stephen Douglas
Former host of 'The Apprentice.'
Former host of 'The Apprentice.' / Al Drago/Getty Images

Donald Trump is trying to figure out his next move. Will he keep the Trump Train rolling for another four years? Will he join, buy, or start a news network? According to The Daily Beast, one of the things he's considering rebooting The Apprentice.

"In the past two weeks, the people familiar with the matter note, Trump has casually slipped into conversation lines such as, “How would you like to see The Apprentice come back?” and “Remember The Apprentice?”"

This is both unbelievable and the most believable Trump quote ever. "Remember The Apprentice?" It's perfect. He might have done better against Joe Biden if it had been his campaign slogan.

Remember that episode of South Park? "Remember The Apprentice?" is such a great memberberry. Nostalgic feelings of years gone by and Trump and all that he became and how awesome it was for him.

Forget whether or not NBC or some other reputable network would reboot The Apprentice or how weird it would be for a president's next move after leaving the White House is to host a reality game show. This is just Trump wanting to be told about some of the awesome stuff Trump did. I bet within 15 seconds of asking if you remember The Apprentice he mentions ratings.

Imagine a scenario where someone said no. What's that? The Appren-what? It would have to be one of those scenarios where someone had been under a rock or part of a biodome experiment for the last two decades. The best part is that this definitely proves Trump will spend the rest of his life asking if people remember his presidency.