Donald Trump: 'I'd Love to See Kaepernick Come In If He's Good Enough'

Kyle Koster

Considering all that’s happening in the world right now, there are plenty of things for a credentialed White House reporter to ask the leader of the free world. One of them assessed all this, then asked President Donald Trump about Colin Kaepernick and if the quarterback deserves another shot in the NFL.

Trump’s answer might surprise a few people. There’s the implication that Kaepernick remains unsigned because he’s not good enough, highlighting the cynical, bottom-line nature of owners, who Trump never misses an opportunity to say he’s rubbed elbows with. The part about wanting to see such a return — clear caveats notwithstanding — is a new wrinkle.

It’s tough to be surprised in mid-to-late 2019, but wasting a question like this, in the context of how unimportant and trivial it is, does the trick. Guess stirring up the culture war pot never has an expiration date.