Donald Trump Flubs LeBron James' Name Twice While Calling Him Dumb

Kyle Koster

Donald Trump, who claims not to watch CNN, happened to be watching CNN late last night. He caught an interview between Don Lemon and LeBron James, then tweeted this.

That is certainly one way for a person to do the LeBron vs. MJ debate. Jordan must love that endorsement while he sells sneakers across the political spectrum.

Trump was so passionate about his take that he managed to get James’ name wrong twice. That “B” is capitalized and it’s a major pet peeve for many in sports media when a lowercase “b” sneaks through.

Is it ironic to make mistakes like this while insulting the intelligence of others? I’ll leave it to smarter people to decide.

James, who was in the news for altruistic reasons this week, has been critical of Trump in the past. It appears Trump used to have a healthy admiration for the Akron product, which is what makes this whole thing so sad.