Donald Trump Did Drew Brees No Favors By Tweeting, 'NO KNEELING'

Stephen Douglas
Drew Brees
Drew Brees / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Drew Brees is not escaping his kneeling comments anytime soon. Especially now that Donald Trump tweeted about Brees on Friday afternoon saying that he should never have "taken back his original stance on honoring our magnificent American Flag." Trump followed that with another tweet that ended with "NO KNEELING!"

There is no escaping this now. With one comment, Brees reignited the debate and just as the newscycle was ready to move on, Trump ensured it would not. He seized the opportunity in an attempt to distract from the actual reason for the protests going on across America. Now Trump can latch onto this and make it seem like these protests are not actually about police brutality and the Black Lives Matter cause, but about respecting The Flag, and thus, America.