I'd Like to Hear A Lot More From Donald Trump About Computers

Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images

Donald Trump is ramping up his in-person and media appearances since there are only three years until the 2024 presidential election and time is of the essence. His schedule brought him to Varney & Co. on Fox Business Monday morning, where he was quizzed by the eponymous host about cyberattacks — which based on the chyron is an example of Joe Biden's weakness.

Trump's solution to stopping these online hijinks? Simply take more things offline. Like they used to be. The former president is advocating for a much more "old-fashioned" system of accounting. And compiling. Can't have accounting without the compiling.

Here's Trump doing a solid minute on computers, the rare instance where a person wishes there was more because he seemed just to be getting revved up. Dare I say it, but it might be time to give this man an hour to cook on the general issue of technology.

Tell me you wouldn't listen. Okay, half of you wouldn't listen. Fair enough.

As for his idea itself, it's being treated with the requisite laughter based on the source and lack of follow-up questions. But it really doesn't seem crazy to envision a future world where being off the grid is a luxury enjoyed only by the privileged. The truest sign of freedom may, in fact, be not having rely on machines all day everyday for everything.

Should be fun.