Donald Trump Claims 'Bookies' Had Him at 97 Percent to Win on Election Night, But It Was Only 69 Percent

Donald Trump
Donald Trump / SAUL LOEB/Getty Images

Donald Trump is still fighting election results from more than a month ago. His legal team has had no luck in courts so he's turned to Twitter to spread lies and misinformation in hopes of confusing people into thinking he has a case so he can push his way into another sequel. Which again, the courts have said he does not.

On Wednesday afternoon he tweeted that "bookies" had him at 97 percent to win on Election Evening.

That was before FOX News had even correctly called Arizona for Biden, so is Trump's claim even close to true? Betting site OddsChecker says that Trump was leading on Election Night, but it was nowhere close to 97 percent. In fact, Trump was just 69 percent during the darkest hour of the night.

Now we just need odds on how Twitter will flag this tweet. Are you allowed to post misleading information about so-called bookies? Odds are we'll find out.

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that at one point on Election Night Trump was -600 on Bovada, which would put him around 86%. Not quite as funny and not quite as close. Either way, win probably doesn't mean a thing until the game ends.