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Donald Trump Boycotting MLB Because It's On Too Many Channels

Stephen Douglas
President Trump Marks Major League Baseball's Opening Day 2020
President Trump Marks Major League Baseball's Opening Day 2020 / Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump was interviewed by Heather Childers on Newsmax on Tuesday. During the interview Trump briefly talked about his boycott of Major League Baseball after the MLB pulled the All-Star game from Georgia. To hear Trump explain the boycott, it sounds like his problem is with the sport's apparent overexposure rather than anything else in the news.

"Why not?" Trump sounds as passionate about boycotting MLB as he is boycotting Coca Cola. To hear him tell it, he's become less interested in baseball over the course of years, even if he did celebrate Opening Day with Mariano Rivera and a group of Little Leaguers on the White House lawn last year. And then invited himself to throw out the first pitch at a Yankees game.

It is unclear which channel used to carry the games. Maybe he didn't get SNY or YES while he was living in Washington D.C. and spent the last four years trying to figure out how to watch the Mets or Yankees. His argument for boycotting also seems to boil down to all these channels and nothing to watch.