Here's Footage of Donald Trump Surrendering to Authorities

Kena Betancur/GettyImages

It's a cable news Super Bowl as Donald Trump has made his way back to New York to surrender to authorities in advance of his arraignment today. There have been copious amounts of aerial shots showing black vans moving through the Manhattan streets, myopic conversations about the local traffic, and hours upon hours of what boils down to boring B-roll footage playing against great hypothesizing and speculation.

Here's hoping you're staying hyrdrated.

All of that hard work has paid off, though, as WCBS got the much-anticipated video of the 45th President of the United States hopping out of his vehicle and into custody.

Trump pumped his fist and waved to a crowd, which is pretty much his move right now and is a solid one. A man dressed in a tuxedo seemed to enjoy it.