Donald Trump Accuses FBI and DOJ of Being Involved in Voter Fraud

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump. / Pool/Getty Images

It's been a busy holiday weekend for President Donald Trump. First he got testy with a reporter on Thanksgiving and now he's suggesting two of the United States' most important intelligence and law agencies are involved with mass voter fraud.

While appearing on FOX this morning, Trump floated the idea that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice are involved with voter fraud from the recent election. He offers no proof for his offhanded comment, which follows a similar model he's employed while accusing individual states of conducting voter fraud for the benefit of President-elect Joe Biden.

It's incredible how easily and without concern the President of the United States would accuse the FBI and DOJ of being involved in full-scale voter fraud. It's even more incredible that he did so without proof. Though not surprising, it's a dangerous accusation to make with the only outcome (goal?) rooted in a desire to raise doubt within those who blindly believe everything Trump says, which is a large portion of our country.

So far, all of Trump's accusations and lawsuits have been proven false and thrown out in court as baseless. That hasn't stopped him from spouting his dangerous rhetoric based on nothing but his own opinion and, at best, crazy conspiracy theories reminiscent of Charlie in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.