Donald Sterling's Son-In-Law is Latest to Blast Clippers' Owner

By Mike Cardillo

Eric Miller, son-in-law to Donald Sterling, joined President Obama, Magic Johnson, Jalen Rose, Michael Jordan and countless others to blast the Clippers owner in the wake of the TMZ tape that was released last Friday that allegedly contained him making numerous racist comments. In addition to the family connection, Miller works for the team as its Director of Basketball Administration.

Miller is quoted by TMZ blasting Sterling”

"“I find the statements and representations made by the Clippers’ team owner to be deplorable and disgusting. There is no room in sports or society in general, for racism.” “I pledge my full support for the wonderful players, coaches and staff members of the Clippers organization. I have complete faith that Commissioner Silver will deal with this matter swiftly and severely.” “If these comments should happen to cost me my employment with the team, it is but a small price to pay to speak out against ignorance and racism.”"

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is expected to announce his decision in the Sterling controversy on Tuesday. It stands to reason that if Sterling is suspended or stripped of his power — even temporarily — Miller would stand to benefit.

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