Don't You Hate It When Your XL Cup of Pure Foam is Too Wet?

Kyle Koster
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Do you, dear reader, ever stop to consider all the things in human history that had to happen just so in order to lead us to this moment? It's a wild place to allow one's mind to wander into, with the capacity to just nuke a day.

Anyway, here's a sequence of words that exists in the wake of the Harper's Magazine letter on discourse and subsequent fallout.

Man. It's incredible to consider all of the complex and delicate human interactions taking place at ordinary places like coffeeshops every day. Even if this is an apocryphal tale, that a mind could even conceive of such a dance is a testament to the divergent diversity of the event horizon.

All this said, I too hate it when my big ol' cup of foam is too wet.