Domonique Foxworth Explains Why It's a 'Safe Bet' For NFL Players to Accept Current CBA Deal

Ryan Glasspiegel
Domonique Foxworth at a panel
Domonique Foxworth at a panel / Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Domonique Foxworth, who was President of the NFLPA from 2012-2014, joined Golic & Wingo on Friday to discuss the ongoing nature of the collective bargaining agreement negotiations between the league and players:

Essentially, Foxworth explains why the players are caught in a dilemma between ensuring their own financial futures and doing what's in the best interest of their brethren over the long run. He asserts that the way they could wield the most leverage is by missing a meaningful amount of time -- not just some OTAs or even a game or two, but an entire season. However, in doing so, the players would know that they'd never wind up clawing back that missed income themselves.

Foxworth said that at the time the last CBA was expiring, he was personally in favor of missing games to put the pressure on the owners. However, he admitted that in retrospect he realizes he was thinking about it from the perspective of someone who had signed a second lucrative contract and was comfortable with what he'd saved, as opposed to one of the 50-60 percent of players making the league minimum who would have to compete with another crop of rookies for fringe roster spots if they missed a year.

This is a segment worth listening to if you want to understand all of the dynamics the players must weigh as they handle the negotiations.