Cool Dolphins Trick Play Touchdown Negated Because of Technicality

Brian Giuffra
Dolphins trick play.
Dolphins trick play. /

Dolphins Special Teams Coach Danny Crossman dug deep in the trick playbook in an effort to give his team a jumpstart against the hapless Bengals. It worked, except for one insignificant, yet critical, problem.

While running a fake field goal on fourth down while trailing the Bengals 7-0, Dolphins punter Matt Haack ran the ball into the end zone for a presumed touchdown. Unfortunately, two offensive linemen on the near side of the field, Austin Jackson and Robert Hunt, who had nothing to do with the play, failed to report as eligible receivers. That's illegal and resulted in the TD being negated.

That is a brutal way for a trick play to be wasted. Simple human error. Not by the people involved in the play, but by the people who are basically decoys.

The Dolphins settled for a field goal after being pushed back by the refs and we all lost the opportunity to celebrate a cool special teams trick play touchdown.