Dolphins Score Crazy Touchdown on Fake Field Goal

William Pitts
Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns / Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

When your season is pretty much doomed, there's no harm in going to the darkest depths of the playbook.

That is exactly what Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores did this week against the Philadelphia Eagles. Trailing 13-7 late in the first half and facing fourth-and-goal on the Eagles' two-yard line, the Dolphins went with a play that resembled the Indianapolis Colts' infamous "WTFake Punt" from 2015.

Fortunately for Miami, this one went off much, much better.

For those who couldn't see it, Dolphins punter Matt Haack took a direct snap as all but two of the offensive players lined up directly against the opposing sidelines. Haack took a few steps to his left and fired a shovel pass to kicker Jason Sanders, who was left wide open in the end zone - understandable, as I'm sure the Eagles had no idea what the heck was going on.

In case you're wondering, no, there was no flag for illegal formation on the play, and the touchdown stood. The Dolphins took a 14-13 lead.