Go Ahead and Try to Beat the Miami Dolphins Now That They're Not Distracted By Ping-Pong

Kyle Koster

The Miami Dolphins burst out of the gate by winning their first three games, a stretch that included marquee victories over the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills. This vaulted them all the way to the top of completely non-binding and arbitrary power rankings. Since then, they've lost Tua Tagovailoa and perhaps forever changed the way football is officiated while dropping two straight. It is harder to win with Teddy Bridgewater and even harder to win with Skylar Thompson. Plus, there's this whole idea they overperformed early and aren't actually a Super Bowl-caliber side. In short, there are some problems in need of solutions.

One of those, apparently, was an unserious work environment in the locker room where a dastardly ping pong table was playing defense on players' preparation. Tyreek Hill and other team captains have moved quickly to address it, wheeling that bad boy out on its ass so the team can focus on football.

Look out, Minnesota Vikings. You may be facing a third-stringer this weekend but you'll be facing a side without the distraction of hitting a ball back and forth to kill time. Why even show up?

You know, the Mike McDaniel era may be extremely successful but it's becoming clear that it's also going to be a weird and wild ride. His commentary around Tua, the choice to fire up MacGruber and now a gaming incident in the locker room portend some significant content in the future.