Give Fans a Pass For Not Showing Up to Watch the Dolphins vs. Jets Game

Bobby Burack
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Mark Brown/Getty Images

There are only 16 games for each NFL team, and fans are obligated to cherish each of them. I've been calling out fans all year for not showing up to games regardless of how pathetic their teams are. But, today, I'm giving a pass out. Because if this Jets-Dolphins game was the only thing on television, I would choose to re-watch Netflix's The Babysitter (sequel coming soon).

So, when you are walking around Miami this afternoon, and see a bunch of people not filling out these empty seats, don't stare with malice, give and understanding wave.

The combined record for these two teams is 1-13. And that one win is still a mystery and should be investigated if the Cowboys didn't use less talented clones in place of their starters. Not only are they a combined 1-13, they have been a really horrific 1-13. Yes, that is a thing. Both teams are just embarrassing to watch. And if you put them on the field together, they have the potential to put forth something that doesn't even resemble football.

The following statistical categories currently sit with the Dolphins and Jets filling out the last and second to last spots: total yard, passing yards, rushing yards, and points. They do, however, rank first and second in getting fans to give up watching professional football.

By the way, people have been asking if this iteration of the Dolphins is "the worst team of all-time." That's fair, but why are the Jets not also getting their due in that discussion?