Dolphins' Fans Did Not Show Up for Their Home Game Against the Chargers

Bobby Burack

The Miami Dolphins have their first lead of the NFL season. But do any of their fans know about it? Based on their attendance at Hard Rock Stadium today against the Chargers, the answer is no.

The rumors are true, you can find an empty seat or two thousand at the stadium at the moment:

I've said it before and will say it again, if you live in South Beach, you have no time for a putrid football team. The only thing interesting about the Dolphins this season is to answer the question we have all been asking since their tank job began: Will this be the worst team in NFL history?

You could call some of the fans lucky, however. Nothing is better than paying for cheap, bad seats, then moving up to the expensive ones that are open. Oh, and making people think you are rich enough to pay for them. As we can see, that opportunity exists this afternoon.