Dog in Russia Has Had Enough News, Steals Microphone From On-Air Reporter


Allow me to throw out a wild conspiracy theory for which I have no proof. Local news outlets worldwide continue to send their reporters out into the field for live shots in part because they want something wild to happen and their station go viral. They'd never admit it but as long as the interaction is lighthearted and fun then it's a positive association. And if you follow down this road you reach the obvious conclusion that stations should start staging things for clicks, which is both a good idea an entirely unethical.

Thankfully there is no way to fake a spunky dog ripping a microphone out of the hands of a reporter broadcasting live in Russia. If I've said that once, I've said it a thousand times. Dogs can be trained to do lots of things but never to have this type of comedic timing.

Incredible reaction from the studio host. You can see her processing about 19 different emotions without giving too much away. Like watching a skilled actor going deep in the bag.