Does the 'Jonas Blessing' Help Athletes Win Titles?

Brian Giuffra
The Jonas Brothers.
The Jonas Brothers. / Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Because I had nothing better to this morning, I decided to spend 93 seconds listening to Nick Jonas explain why he believes attending a Jonas Brothers concert led to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger and Formula-1 driver Lewis Hamilton winning recent championships.

His reasoning is succinct: All three attended Jonas Brothers concerts before the pandemic, got the "Jonas Blessing," and used it to help propel them/their teams to titles. Jonas calls it the "reverse of the Drake curse" and advises athletes to come to a concert if they want to win a title.

The only issue for athletes seeking the deity-trio's powers is there are no scheduled concerts for them in 2020-2021. It's a big blow to the college football and NFL teams looking for an edge in the playoffs. Surely Mahomes is wondering how he could possibly lead the Chiefs to a second straight Super Bowl without a one of the Jonas Brothers smearing their holy water sweat on him with a hug. It's a conundrum of monumental importance.

One wonders how many other athletes would have won titles if they just went to a Jonas Brothers concert during their tour last year. Would Manchester Untied suck so bad this year if Marcus Rashford had attended their Manchester concert on Feb. 6, 2020? Would the Celtics have won the title if Jayson Tatum went to the Nov. 24, 2019 show at TD Garden? Until the next tour begins, we'll all just have to wonder.