Dodgers Request to Wear Normal Uniforms For Yankees Series, MLB Says No


It’s Players’ Weekend in Major League Baseball, which means that for the third consecutive year, players are trotting out original XFL-style custom nameplates for this weekend’s games. If you’ve been wondering why this also means that MLB teams are also trotting out some of the ugliest uniforms ever seen on a baseball diamond…well, you’re not alone. At least one team wasn’t on board with the idea.

Multiple sources indicated that the Los Angeles Dodgers asked for permission to wear their traditional uniforms for this weekend’s inter-league series against the New York Yankees, according to Yahoo! Sports. They were refused.

Somehow forcing players to wear a uniform for a promotional gimmick seems like the opposite of the intent of Player’s Weekend, which is ostensibly to let players…y’know…express themselves.

The Chicago Cubs, meanwhile, ditched the monochrome caps they were given and wore their normal blue caps for their series this weekend against the Washington Nationals. It remains to be seen whether the Cubs will face punishment from the league for this benign act of rebellion.