Justin Turner: 'Hard to Feel' Astros Earned 2017 World Series Title

Liam McKeone
Justin Turner, not an Astros fan
Justin Turner, not an Astros fan / Will Newton/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers had their fan festival today. Several members of the organization attended, and naturally were peppered with questions about the Astros' cheating scandal and the impact it may have had on the Dodgers' 2017 World Series run.

President of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said he didn't think Houston has shown enough remorse for their actions. Slugger Justin Turner expressed a similar sentiment when he said he didn't know why Dallas Keuchel was the one apologizing (he wasn't batting very often, after all), and said it's "hard to feel like" the Astros deserved their championship rings.

Hard to argue with him there. The Astros were certainly a talented baseball team, but they also definitely cheated. How much of a role the cheating had in winning the championship can never be determined in a meaningful, quantifiable way, but it did have an impact. The Dodgers will forever feel like they were robbed, and it's hard not to sympathize with them.

An ugly scene for the game of baseball.