Dodgers Fans Fight in Stands Again

Ryan Phillips
Los Angeles Dodgers fans fight at Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers fans fight at Dodger Stadium /

Los Angeles Dodgers fans are leading the league in fights per game in Major League Baseball this season, so it's no surprise there was another one this week. This fight appeared to be between two Dodgers fans who were arguing before things got crazy.

The first fan in the video appears to be threatening to come up and start something, and as he climbs over seats to do so, he gets lit up by two of the guys he was arguing with. It's a brutal set of punches that should have knocked him out.

What that feels like a straight up assault, you do have to question why the guy who got his ass kicked up busts out the Dikembe finger wag at the end. Dude was snoozing on concrete 10 seconds before that and he's pulling the "you didn't hurt me" thing every washed up boxer does precisely three steps before getting knocked out.

Also, pro-tip, if you going to start a fight, always have the high ground. This is a lesson military commanders learned thousands of years ago. Seriously people, read a book.

This incident actually happened on Tuesday night as LA beat the Atlanta Braves 3-2 but the video just came to our attention. This is not the first example of Dodgers fans fighting each other. It has happened over and over this season.