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Dodgers Fans Fight Each Other, Featuring Some Hair-Pulling

Kyle Koster

When the baseball gods allowed the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers to face off in the playoffs, when tensions are more elevated, we knew that there would be no shortage of fan-fight videos cropping up on the internet. Official stats are hard to come by yet a full season's worth of observation allows us to confidently say no two fanbases have thrown hands more often or with more gusto. Congratulations?

Through two games of the National League Division Series, which is knotted 1-1 and resumes tonight in San Diego, there's been a surprising dearth of fisticuffs, donnybrooks, rows and dust-ups. There were fears we'd get through four or five games without human beings assailing each other. But thanks to some Dodgers fan friendly fire, promises are being kept.

Here's the scene near the elevators after Game 2.

Okay, so I totally understand why there's all the hooting and hollering and rubbernecking as people just want to see the world burn. What I don't really understand is what the next hour or so looks for those involved in such a fracas. They just go find their cars and sit in dire traffic with all that adrenaline still coursing through veins? When does the small talk return? Is it even possible to discuss a key 5-4-3 double play and how it shifted momentum or is all of that off the table?