Dodgers Fans Brawl with Astros Fans in Houston


We're living in the golden age of baseball fan fights, which is a weird flex as we celebrate the return of some normalcy to our lives. Or perhaps it's simply poetically American. The past few days have been absolutely bursting with fisticuffs, from Dodgers fans striking with friendly fire to the Guaranteed Rate outfield turning into the octagon with a White Sox-Cardinals game serving as a backdrop.

The hits keep on coming. This time we're back in Houston, where a Dodgers duo seemed to team up against an Astros tagteam. Here is the interaction between legal adults watching a bunch of guys play a children's game.

To be clear, the proceeding minutes here are really crucial to understand what happened and we don't have it. Independent of that, though, is the sage wisdom of never fighting a person who is wearing a baseball jersey and no undershirt. No one does that unless they're feeling frisky and want to look extra cool tearing something off before the combat.

Anyway. It's great to see fans back in the seats. Not so nice to see them tossing haymakers and potential misdemeanors.