Dodgers Fan Fights With Police at Dodger Stadium

Ryan Phillips
Dodgers fan fights with police officers at Dodger Stadium
Dodgers fan fights with police officers at Dodger Stadium /

Los Angeles Dodgers fans haven't exactly covered themselves in glory during the 2021 MLB season. They've fought with opposing fans, security guards and, most often, each other. We've documented it all year long. But we may have gotten the coup de grâce on Friday, when a fan of the boys in blue attempted to brawl with cops.

Yes, a Dodgers fan took a swing at a few police officers and attempted to fight them before being quickly subdued. That's something that actually happened at Dodger Stadium Friday night.

Not content to relax and watch his team beat the Milwaukee Brewers 8-6, this guy had to take on the entire Central Bureau of the LAPD. I'm sure he had a lovely night in lockup after that.

While fans across baseball were fighting each other at ridiculous rates this season, Dodgers fans clearly separated themselves from the pack. It seemed every night at Chavez Ravine featured yet another embarrassing scene.