Brusdar Graterol Went Out There and Threw Effortless Gas

Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The back end of the Los Angeles Dodgers bullpen is unfair. Dave Roberts has a buffet of options when a lead must be preserved or a deficit must grow smaller. Joe Kelly. Corey Knebel. Kenley Jansen. And Brusdar Graterol, who took the hill with a four-run lead in the sixth inning of last night's Game 4. With Buster Posey stepping into the box, the hard-throwing righty wanted to take control of the count and dialed up an absolutely absurd sinker.

Pitching Ninja took exclusive video of the delivery and I can't stop watching it. The ease at which 102.5 mph with movement explodes out of Graterol's hand.

It hardly seems fair. Graterol could have announced his intentions to Posey and still likely emerged with a 0-1 count in his favor. reports this was the third-fastest pitch recorded in the StatCast era. Dodgers closer Johnathan Broxton threw 103.3 mph in 2008 and 102.8 in 2009.

Graterol would later match his velocity with an offering to Evan Longoria on the way to a scoreless frame.