Doc Rivers Now Calling Out James Harden as Sixers' Slide Continues

Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

When you sign James Harden you sign up for the full James Harden experience and sometimes that can be frustrating. The contact-seeking lefty had a night to forget on Thursday, missing 11 of the 15 shots he took in a disappointing loss to the suddenly decent Detroit Pistons. As a result, the Philadelphia 76ers are now fourth in the Eastern Conference and need to string some wins together immediately to ensure multiple rounds of home-court advantage.

And not that we need to overreact to everything, but it was a bit odd to hear Doc Rivers call out Harden by name post game.

"Well, [the bench] didn't struggle," Rivers said. "They didn't get a lot of shots in their defense. I think during that stretch, it was more James than them. So you know, yeah, it's just a tough night."

Again, probably nothing. But Sixers fans wouldn't be human if they weren't at least a bit concerned about the playoff Harden experience. Things have not gone well when it matters for the bearded wonder and derailing Joel Embiid's historic year would be a massive waste. Imagine the meltdown if the Sixers bow out early because Harden is jacking up miss after miss while the potential MVP isn't getting the ball in the post. Great local sports radio content. Not a great time locally.

Watch this space.