DMX Rode an ATV in Sum 41's Video for 'Makes No Difference'

Ryan Phillips
DMX in Sum 41's video for "Makes No Difference"
DMX in Sum 41's video for "Makes No Difference" /

DMX died on Friday at 50, several days after suffering a heart attack. With his death, legions of fans took to social media, as tributes poured in for the rapper. While we join those praising his career, we thought we'd focus on one of his lesser-known moments of brilliance.

Back in 2000, Sum 41 was an up-and-coming Canadian band with a catchy sound that was heavily influenced by punk rock, pop-punk and heavy metal. They were set to film their first video, for the song "Makes No Difference" in Toronto when they ran into DMX. By then he was a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum rap star who had branched out into acting. DMX was in Toronto filming the Steven Seagal film Exit Wounds when he met the band and offered to appear in their big debut video which they obviously accepted.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The video features the band playing at a large teenage party where the house is progressively destroyed as the video goes on. It's basically the plot of Project X but like a decade earlier. Then, out of nowhere, DMX just rolls through the party on an ATV.

The full video is below:

And here's another look at DMX's part:

It's just so random and hilarious. A "blink or you'll miss it" cameo from one of the world's biggest rap stars in a band's first video. God, the early 2000s ruled.