DK Metcalf's Boneheaded Play Cost the Seahawks an Easy Touchdown

Ryan Phillips
D.K. Metcalf fumbles, costing Seattle Seahawks a touchdown
D.K. Metcalf fumbles, costing Seattle Seahawks a touchdown /

D.K. Metcalf just earned a nomination for the most boneheaded play of the 2020 NFL season and it's going to be hard for anyone to top it. Yeah, it was that bad.

Metcalf and the Seattle Seahawks were locked in a 9-9 tie with the Dallas Cowboys late in the first quarter on Sunday when the unthinkable occurred. On 2nd and 11 from Seattle's 37 yard line, Russell Wilson dropped back and unleashed a bomb to Metcalf, who caught the ball in stride inside the Cowboys 10-yard line with a clear path to the end zone. It was a great route and a spectacular throw.

For some reason Metcalf eased up after snagging the pass, and Dallas rookie Trevon Diggs stripped him from behind. The ball trickled out of the back of the end zone, earning the Cowboys possession on a touchback.

Check this out:

And another angle:

How do you let that happen?

Metcalf absolutely torched Diggs on the play and I guess he just figured the rookie would give up on the play. He didn't. Not only did Metcalf ease up on the play, he also failed to secure the ball with two hands or tuck it tightly. He basically did nothing right after catching the ball.