DJ Funderburk Was Thrown Up on In the N.C. State Opener

Stephen Douglas
DJ Funderburk gets thrown up on.
DJ Funderburk gets thrown up on. /

The North Carolina State Wolfpack beat the Charleston Southern Buccaneers on college basketball's opening night, 95-61. NC State senior forward DJ Funderburk had 10 points and two rebounds in 21 minutes. He was also thrown up on.

Funderburk's reaction really says it all: "Aww! Hell no!" That weird feeling combined with the realization of what happened is brutal - and funny as long as everyone involved is OK.

Since this happened in a game between two unranked teams on the night before Thanksgiving, I don't think this incident got the attention it deserved. The only update I can find on Terence Crawford Jr., the Charleston Southern player who threw up on-court, during play in the middle of a pandemic, is that he and Funderburk both changed jerseys and continued the game!