Disney & ESPN Could Never Get Over Bill Simmons Calling Roger Goodell a Liar

By Jason McIntyre

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The Mother’s Day show was a blast, mostly because the topics – Bill Simmons leaving ESPN, the Cavs and Warriors in 2-1 holes, and the Tom Brady deflated football situation – were so mouth watering. Thanks for listening.

1st hour: My giant fear of the Cavs and Warriors being in 2-1 holes, and how nobody’s come back from down 3-1 since 2006. To what extent is deflating footballs by 1.5 PSI cheating? Is it something less? What, exactly?
Guest: Bob Kravitz. He broke the Deflategate story. Listen to how clowns from Boston attacked his wife and daughters online. Also: “We’re not talking about an organization that has a clean record. The Patriots have spygate on their resume.”
Guest: Geoff Calkins. He put down his Grizzlies pom-poms and pumped the brakes on the 2-1 lead. “The Grizzlies can go vast stretches of time without scoring.”
Guest: Noah Coslov. We talked NBA, and he dropped this: “I don’t think anyone has done as good a job on LeBron as Jimmy Butler has. Including Kawhi.”
Guest: Jimmy Traina. We talked at length about Bill Simmons and his departure from ESPN. I talked about how angry Bob Iger, the President of Disney, was after Simmons called Goodell a liar. From that moment, it signaled the end of Simmons was near. That and the gap in money were the primary reasons both sides never got on the same page.