The Internet Is Not Prepared For Actual Footage From Disney's 'Cruella' Origin Movie

Stephen Douglas
Emma Stone
Emma Stone / Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Disney+ has another hit on the horizon. This time it's the poster teasing tomorrow's release of the first trailer for Cruella, their gritty origin story for Cruella de Vil. Emma Stone will play young Cruella in what might turn out to be a very good movie, but come on. Every single time we remembered this movie was being made it sent the Internet into a frenzy because it is such a ridiculous idea.

It looks like the cover of a DMX album. How do you top that image? Well, with a poster that reminds you that this Cruella is now young and attractive and you have to wonder what kind of dogs she's going to want murdered and what they did to her to deserve it.

I'm honestly not sure if we will be able to handle actual video from this movie. Even a teaser might be too much.