Dirk Nowitzki Sad To Learn All The Cameras In Dallas Are Now For Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout is almost over. Elliott and his agent returned to Dallas today to finalize the details on a deal that will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-years, $90 million. The final numbers will be far from Jared Goff territory, but pretty good for a running back.

Meanwhile, another popular Dallas athlete came through that same airport today. Dirk Nowitzki returned home from a summer abroad on Tuesday. At the airport he was greeted by cameras, but was disappointed to find out that none of them where for him. Dirk tweeted. Elliott responded with some crying face emojis. Feels were shared throughout Texas. The stars in Dallas have aligned and the Cowboys will soon have their star running back on the field again. In the meantime, somebody take a picture of Dirk.