Dion Dawkins, Who Was Hospitalized With COVID, Says Cole Beasley is Just Downplaying Knowledge

Stephen Douglas
Dion Dawkins
Dion Dawkins / Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Dion Dawkins, a 27-year-old professional football player, was recently hospitalized after catching COVID-19. He literally thought he might not make it out of the hospital, as he explained during a press conference today.

Dawkins was Buffalo's second round pick in 2017 and he's been their starting left guard ever since. He's an extremely important part of their team and yesterday coach Sean McDermott said, "He’s not close to where he needs to be to play and help us so he’s got a long road here." There is no telling how long these issues could linger for Dawkins, and in turn, the Bills.

Asked about his anti-mask, anti-vax teammate Cole Beasley, Dawkins brushed it off saying that Beasley is simply, "downplaying the knowledge that was given to him."

All I can think is good grief. If this can't convince the Bills -- including the guy who was in the hospital -- that Beasley and his bulls--- is going to do nothing but hurt the team, then nothing will.