Diego Maradona and Salt Bae Made Beautiful Music Together

Stephen Douglas
Maradona and Salt Bae
Maradona and Salt Bae /

Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradona passed away on Wednesday at 60-years old. Remembrances have come from everywhere, but the one that has stood out to me is this video from a couple of years back where Maradona is absolutely floored by Internet legend Salt Bae.

Maradona was apparently a regular at Salt Bae's Dubai restaurant and now his favorite table is permanently reserved.

As for the video. It's tough to decide the real star of the clip. Maradona has such childlike wonder in his eyes. He is more entertained by Salt Bae's antics than anyone has any right to be. And the presentation from Salt Bae as he slides the bones from the meat and then takes the final one and stabs it like a Horcrux for no good reason. The very act of conceding his signature salting to Maradona is also a classy move. Really, this is just two all-time greats playing off one another perfectly. The embrace at the end says it all. Two fierce competitors who have immense mutual respect and love for one another.