Did Tom Brady Crash Bitcoin?

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Minicamp
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Minicamp / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

If you've been anywhere near the crypto markets the past few weeks I'm truly, truly sorry. Things are bleak in that space and don't look like they will get better any time soon. If you're looking for someone to blame for the market crashing, I may have found your culprit. Seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

Yes, Tom Brady might be responsible for Bitcoin tanking. The evidence continues to pile up and, I'm sorry to say, seems pretty inconclusive. "But Ryan" you say, "how is that possible? Brady can't crash a worldwide currency." Oh you sweet summer child, Brady has more power than you could possibly imagine. And we have the proof.

On May 9, 2021, Brady added laser eyes to his Twitter avatar, a nod to crypto traders who use laser eyes to indicate they're bullish on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When Brady did that, Bitcoin was trading at $57,000. On Thursday, it dipped below $21,000. Coincidence? I think not.

Gregg Rosenthal agrees with me.

As of this article, Bitcoin is down $1,511.90 today alone, and currently sits at $21,050.40.

So yeah, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback is absolutely responsible for this crash. Forget blaming inflation, supply chain issues, the hangover from a cataclysmic pandemic, and a war. It's all the fault of the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time. I'm not sure exactly what Brady's endgame is, but rest assured, he has a plan.