Did Thomas Jones and Rookie Jonathan Baldwin Get in a Fight in the Chiefs' Locker Room?

By Jason McIntyre

According to Nick Wright, a radio host in Kansas City, the Chiefs’ veteran running back got into a fight with the rookie wide receiver in the locker room, and the result is that Baldwin will miss the remainder of the preseason with an injured wrist. The story’s still in the rumor stage, and nothing has been confirmed, but this is obviously not the best news for Todd Haley and the Chiefs.

Jones, a leader when he was with the Jets, is built like a tank and even though Baldwin’s much taller, I can’t imagine this guy losing a fight. Baldwin’s injury is a significant one, since he’s supposed to help Matt Cassel and a passing game that faltered badly in a playoff loss to the Ravens. Baldwin is expected to be the No. 3 receiver after Bowe and Breaston.

Moderately interesting note: Baldwin is from Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, the same town as Darrelle Revis.

[UPDATE: As a reader notes, this isn’t the first time Jones has fought with a teammate. When he was with the Bears, he punched out fellow RB Cedric Benson.]

"Initially, Jones tried to take Benson under his wing but Benson rebuffed him and the battle lines were drawn. Soon, the pair clashed and their uneasy alliance finally erupted during the 2006 season with Benson claiming Jones punched him in the face during a running backs drill in practice before a Week 6 game against Arizona."