Did Maria Kirilenko Dump Fiancée Alex Ovechkin Over an Instagram Photo? [UPDATE]


Alexander Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko’s engagement has ended. “I have decided to terminate the engagement,” said Kirilenko. “There are many reasons, but I do not want to go into details. I’ll Say one thing: our relationship is completed, but I respect Sasha as a person and athlete and I sincerely wish him continued athletic success.”

According to the Russian web site R Sport (translate function needed), the tennis player called off the relationship after Ovechkin was photographed with Olympic rhythmic gymnast Karolina Sevastyanova — it made its way to Instagram by way of Russian basketball player Vitaliy Fridzon, who was also in the photo:

Ovechkin and Kirilenko had been dating for nearly three years, and got engaged in late 2012.

Update: According to Kirilenko, the break-up happened for “a lot of reasons“, but not an Instagram photo.