Did Dan Snyder Squash an ESPN Radio Show in Washington DC on a Station He Owns? [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

Jason Reid, who was a sports columnist at the Washington Post, left the paper in February with a splashy announcement: He was headed to ESPN where he’d write a column online and host a radio show on ESPN 980.

The initial reaction was one of puzzlement. Guess who is tied to ownership of ESPN 980 in Washington DC? Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who is the primary investor in Red Zebra, which owns the station. Reid, who had more swings and misses in DC than hits, has at times been harshly critical of the meddling Snyder. That’s what columnists are supposed to do. But you know what happened next: The station hyped Reid’s radio show leading up to today’s debut … and then it didn’t happen.

Uh oh.

Did Dan Snyder and his Napoleon complex get involved and squash the show?

That’s the consensus in the radio world. A twitter feed dedicated to DC radio says the show has been axed and hinted that the station’s program director has been fired. Nothing has been confirmed.

[UPDATEThe program director “resigned” according to the Washington Post.]

Equally puzzling: Why would ESPN.com hire a columnist who was technically employed by Snyder?

Reid hasn’t tweeted since March 14, and those who know him say he’s gone silent. Returning to the Post? Going elsewhere? Maybe Snyder gets over it and lets the radio show happen? Stay tuned.

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