Dick Vitale Muses About Time Left On Earth, Fragility of Life Itself During Ohio State-Illinois State Broadcast

Liam McKeone
Dick Vitale
Dick Vitale / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

College basketball returned today, and you can bet your bottom dollar that nobody in the country was more excited about it than Dick Vitale, probably the most famous college basketball personality of all time. ESPN's first broadcast of the 2020-21 season featured Ohio State, ranked No. 23 in the country, facing off against Illinois State.

Of course the network had the beloved Dickie V on mike. And, of course, things went a little sideways. As they tend to with Vitale. This time, it also got a little depressing?

"Here are the things I love so much over the years. Walkin' into arenas, jumpin' into crowds of fans. I wonder if I'll ever do that in my life again, because my clock is running out, man. My clock is starting to come, oh man. I'm in the final chapter. But I'm gonna make it the best chapter of all! "

Dickie V

Well... Okay! I suppose nothing makes a man confront his own mortality more than an actual global catastrophe like the one we're living in right now. And no better time to do so than while being dualcast with a college basketball game being held in the midst of said catastrophe.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming of breaking down Justice Sueing's NBA chances.