Dianna Russini's Mom is ESPN's Latest Breakout Star and She Doesn't Even Work There

Kyle Koster

Dianna Russini's mom, who does not work at ESPN, is the network's most compelling character. Is she happy about it? Tough to say. What would delight her, though, is if her daughter found a nice man and gave her some grandkids because she's the only one in town without them.

The younger Russini -- the one with a working company badge -- was recently swept away by the Lazy River that is an unsupervised Stugotz. That lazy river brought her to Bristol on a co-hosting gig last week. One thing led to another and she took serious football calls from listeners but provided the answers in her mother's voice and spirit.

It was really good, definitely original, and funny.

This week she was down on South Beach, again filling in for Dan LeBatard as he takes a traditional European-style six-week sabbatical. And wouldn't you know it, like an SNL character who gets laughs or a slant over the middle, the gang went back to something that worked.

That sound you hear growing from a low din to a thunderous refrain is the feverish chant of "MISS-US R, MISS-US R." The movement is afoot now, folks. It won't be long until the Golics are supplanted as ESPN's first family and Russini & Russini is anchoring the afternoon radio block.