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Diana Taurasi Couldn't Help But Notice the Gamecocks' Length

Kyle Koster

ESPN offered an alternate broadcast during last night's Final Four and it didn't disappoint. Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird went places the Manning brothers failed to explore during the football season and nothing was off-limits. Including South Carolina's size. As Dawn Staley's team stifled Louisville time and time again, Taurasi couldn't help but be impressed by the Gamecocks' length.

This acute basketball observation drew laughter, prolonged silence and caused two-thirds of the triple box to sip on something for composure.

The Bird and Taurasi Show was exactly what it was supposed to be. Insightful about hoops, full of first-person knowledge, and appropriately fun. Initial reviews have been positive but one person who can't speak on their performance is their former coach Geno Auriemma, who was busy advancing to his 12th national championship game.

I didn't record it, and the chances of me watching it are less than zero. When you've been around those two as long as I have, I really truly have no interest in hearing anything they have to say. On any topic, especially me. But I'm sure they were funny as hell, and I'm sure whatever I see they were drinking didn't come from the store.

His loss. Of course, he'll get a first-hand look at the length of the Gamecocks tomorrow night.