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Diana Taurasi Again Worked Blue, Joking About the Gamecocks and Taking Inches

Stephen Douglas

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi hosted an alternate broadcast for the NCAA Women's Final Four over the weekend. Like the NFL-centric ManningCast, it earned rave reviews as the former UConn teammates and current WNBA legends invited guests on to have a free-flowing conversation that occasionally touched on adult subjects. Most specifically this weekend, by making jokes about the the University of South Carolina's team nickname.

On Friday night Taurasi commenting on the Gamecocks' impressive length. On Sunday she was back at it after Sue Bird said it was "a game of inches." Taurasi agreed and said, "just ask the 'Cocks." Bird fired back asking, "Do you take those inches?" Taurasi ended the exchange with, "Absolutely. When you're on the court." Megan Rapinoe just kept drinking from her Solo cup.

Surely, Peyton and Eli were watching this closely, learning what sorts of double entendres they could use next season.