Dez Bryant Scored His First Touchdown in Three Years and Everyone Loved It

Stephen Douglas
Dez Bryant brought everyone a little joy.
Dez Bryant brought everyone a little joy. /

Dez Bryant caught his first touchdown since 2017 as the Baltimore Ravens jumped out to a 26-0 lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 15. If Dez Bryant never does anything else on a football field, what a comeback this was.

Bryant's last touchdown catch was December 10, 2017, in a Dallas Cowboys win over the New York Giants. The guy who threw that TD pass was second-year Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. A month later Bryant was cut by the Cowboys. He tried to come back with the New Orleans Saints late in the 2018 season but tore his Achilles. Nearly two years later the Ravens picked him up. His comeback nearly ended just two weeks ago when he tested positive for COVID and was pulled off the field right before a game against the Cowboys. In the immediate aftermath, it sounded like he was ready to walk away.

And now this. What a great moment for Dez and the Ravens.