Devin Hester Says Jay Cutler Was The Worst Leader

Ryan Phillips
Devin Hester and Jay Cutler, New York Jets v Chicago Bears
Devin Hester and Jay Cutler, New York Jets v Chicago Bears / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Devin Hester went on Bleacher Report's Untold Stories and discussed his NFL career. When asked about former Chicago Bears teammate Jay Cutler, Hester had some interesting things to say, including that Cutler was the worst leader he ever worked with.

Cutler and Hester were teammates in Chicago from 2009 through 2013. In that time, Hester caught 146 passes for 1,843 yards and nine touchdowns.

Hester claimed Cutler was the best he played with as far as his arm strength, accuracy and knowledge of the game. But he didn't know how to communicate or get his teammates involved. He went on to say the two of them didn't have the best relationship.

Here's a clip from the episode:

It's worth noting Hester played 11 seasons in the NFL and shared locker rooms with Matt Ryan for two seasons in Atlanta, so he knows what a good quarterback looks like. He also knows what leadership looks like and he didn't find it with Cutler.

Any of us who followed Cutler's career knew this was the case. From his work in press conferences to his sideline demeanor, it was obvious he wasn't a great leader. In fact, it's shocking he was a starting quarterback for as long as he was. Talent carried him pretty far in a then-quarterback-starved league.